A proud mother of two little boys.
I have the joy of being a
stay-at-home mom.
Currently Engaged
but in no rush to get married.
Me: 22
OH: 24
Drew: 2 years
Bentley: 15 months

Will try to update often!
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Crazy how fast people die..

My childhood babysitter/next door neighbor died when I was 12. She had a daughter and “boyfriend” that all lived with her. After she died her daughter died 6 months later. Nobody knows how but we were left to believe she committed suicide because they found pills by her bed (where she was found dead). I just found out today “the boyfriend” died yesterday. He was in his early 70’s.. It’s just crazy though because I just saw him last week. (They all lived next to my mom). I’ve known them since I was born.

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Bentley: points to his oatmeal and says mama.

Drew: no! That’s babies. Mommy’s is right there.

I felt like Drew was about to start snapping his fingers in a zig zag.

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Bentley went to sleep without boob. He laid next to me and I rubbed his back. That must be the trick…

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Building with daddy…

Went to the gym.
Out of everything on my body I’d say my thighs and biceps have the nicest/biggest muscles. My abs are a different story.

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Me: don’t you want to go play with other kids?

Drew: I don’t like kids.

Lol really..

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