A proud mother of two little boys.
I have the joy of being a
stay-at-home mom.
Currently Engaged
but in no rush to get married.
Me: 22
OH: 24
Drew: 2 years
Bentley: 15 months

Will try to update often!
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Bentley has a fever and is wide awake at almost 3am.

Ahhhh this is the life.

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thehartfamily: When you find this in your ask, share 5 facts about yourself and then pass it to 10 of you favorite people (*''*) ❤

I’ve had this sitting in my messages for a few days and I can’t get a list of just 5 things about myself. I’m pathetic.

Is it weird that I’m already thinking about drews birthday party… In October.

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We got back from Pittsburgh at midnight last night. It was a very long ride and nerve racking because of extreme rain fall. At one point I think it was even hailing. I’m just exhausted today. I need a nap

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