A proud mother of two little boys.
I have the joy of being a
stay-at-home mom.
Currently Engaged
but in no rush to get married.
Me: 22
OH: 24
Drew: 2 years
Bentley: 15 months

Will try to update often!
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Watching the season finale of finding carter.. And … Wow… That lady is crazy.

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Mom: if you decide to take my car when I die, the e-brake works great as a cup holder.

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Drew dressed himself today

Dropped the car off to get fixed, I’m thinking at least 5 days, but won’t know for sure until tonight.
Came back, took the kids to the park, and now I’m going to the grocery store with my mom.. Then to finish sending out invitations for Drews birthday party.

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Got in a car accident. Almost tboned another car but we are ok.

the kids weren’t in the car
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Windows down