A proud mother of two little boys.
I have the joy of being a
stay-at-home mom.
Currently Engaged
but in no rush to get married.
Me: 22
OH: 24
Drew: 2 years
Bentley: 15 months

Will try to update often!
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I’m having such a hard time with pain, I’m going to lose my shit and cry.
It hurts so bad, the swelling in my elbow hurts so bad, I can’t bend it. Any little touch hurts, I can’t even rest it on a pillow.

Andrews not helping me. I’m so frustrated with the kids.
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If you have a boob job and breastfeed inbox me



I have questions.

No? No one? Really I could have sworn I had followers who have boob jobs and nurse. Can we reblog so I can get some answers to my questions :) please

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#timehop the way I typed that ruined it for me.
Pumpkin seed season

Everyone’s saying I need to cut bentleys hair, but I think he can wait a little longer. I like his hair long.. He’s still in the cute long hair stage.

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Finished 💇
He said he wanted to cut his own hair…

I went to the hospital this morning because of the infection. I had an IV, got more antibiotics and some topical cream. I have a staph infection. All the nurses and doctors couldn’t believe I have suffered this long from it.

Its been about a month now and I hope this antibiotic works. I’m so over it. After 5 hours I’m finally home.
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In the hospital

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Andrew apologized for last night. Has put a bandaid on my infected back for me without complaints other than it looked painful. And has gotten me Icecream without me asking him.

He also played with the kids outside for a while.
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